• Q) How do I login?
    A) You must first login through RIAS. Then find Pequod in the vendor directory, and click the link to Pequod from RIAS. You will be automatically logged in with your RIAS credentials.
  • Q) How do I change my department?
    A) Departments can only be changed by Pequod staff. Please contact us if you need to change your department.
  • Q) How do I get a quick quote?
    A) Go to instant estimate on the front page, choose product and add your specs. The quote will be on the bottom of Instant Price Estimate
  • Q) How do I get an estimate on a custom job?
    A) Go to Custom Quote on the navigation bar to the left, add your specs and submit. You can also send the art to us and we can look at the art in the quoting.
  • Q) What type of file format is required for printing?
    A) We only accept PDFs, if you have other file formats (e.g. MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), email rcohen@pequod.com and we will convert the file and send it back to you.
  • Q) What size files does Pequod accept?
    A) The maximum file size is 256 MB.
  • Q) How long does it take for an order to be approved by Pequod?
    A) If there are no issues with your order, it will usually be approved within one hour during normal business hours.
  • Q) When do I get confirmation of order?
    A) You will be sent an email on confirmation of order
  • Q) How long will it take to complete and deliver my order?
    A) Standard delivery is 3-7 business days depending on the complexity of the order. Expedited and Rush service is available, see options under shipping.
  • Q) How do I track the progress of my order?
    A) Orders can be tracked on the website under Account > Order History. This list displays order statuses which are updated in real time from awaiting approval to shipped.
  • Q) Can I use my own shipping account number for delivery?
    A) Yes, carrier numbers can be added by department managers, and then selected on the final payment page in the order process. If you do not see carrier numbers listed, please contact your department manager to have them added.
  • Q) How do I reorder a previous order?
    A) Your previously ordered documents are automatically saved to your Dashboard > My Documents. To Reorder: Click on the document, then click Add to Order. All your option choices are saved from the last order. You may change quantities and/or shipping address prior to submitting the order. If you are changing any pages, or adding pages, you should start a new document.