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Welcome to Pequod

Last Year, Pequod was awarded a contract under RFP#2003 Duplication, Bindery, & Delivery. This year we built the greatest, easiest, print buying website ever produced.

In accordance with Rutgers requirements to be a Feature Exchange Vendor: We have created the best way to place print orders on the Internet, get POs, admin oversight, user specific, procure approved, all together in one spot. Place orders, get delivery. Binders, manuals, booklets, brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, course packets, custom quotes, paper samples, mailing services. We are currently in wait for our site to interact with RIAS. It needs to be turned on. Until then, we can accept orders, and we will bill you. Everything will soon be automated through RIAS. Get instant estimates, upload files, manage files, proof on screen or print sample at your desktop printer, choose time of delivery.

We accept order over the internet. Try it: ** Use the help button, read the FAQs, download the User Guide.

Get answers, get pricing, get POs, get instant results & instant answers. Try it.** It only takes one time for you to try, for you to see the benefit of easy automating for duplication, bindery and delivery.

** As we wait for procure to turn on with system, we can create a login, using your email address. In order to gain access: All you have to do is email rcohen@pequod.com, and we will send you the password with minutes.