About Pequod Communications

First and foremost, we are a professional provider of business solutions.

Nine Princeton students got together in 1989 to form the fledgling business. All but two survived to go onto productive, meaningful lives. James Robertson and Andre Liu remained, for they so loved the little copy shop named after the doomed whaling vessel in the Greatest American Novel, Moby-Dick. A Philosophy and English major...no wonder its been an eventful ride.

Pequod grew from this little copy shop into a specialized corporate communications service. The service we offer is top-to-bottom: concept and design, print and print management, bindery and fulfillment plus web development.

Our people are the best in the business. Each individual brings something unique to the table, but all Pequodians have one thing in common: they care about their business, and by extension they care about yours too.

Pequod and Rutgers

Last year, Pequod was awarded a contract under RFP#2003 Duplication, Bindery, & Delivery. This year we built the greatest, easiest, print buying website ever produced. In accordance with Rutgers Requirements to be a Feature Exchange Vendor: We have created the best way to place print orders on the Internet, get POs, admin oversight, user specific, procure approved, all together in one spot. Place orders, get delivery. Binders, manuals, booklets, brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, course packets, custom quotes, paper samples, mailing services. We are currently in wait for our site to interact with RIAS. It needs to be turned on. Until then, we can accept orders, and we will bill you. Everything will soon be automated through RIAS. Get instant estimates, upload files, manage files, proof on screen or print sample at your desktop printer, choose time of delivery.

The lifeblood of the delivery of printed product to the Rutgers community is Pequod's Web Portal. This is where any student, administrator, or faculty membercan interact with Pequod 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At its simplest the webportal is built to handle two kinds of workflows: one where the client is ordering a standard item (e.g. a set of business cards, or a course packet for a class that recurs) or two, where the client is ordering an item that requires a file upload (e.g. 15 binders for a meeting that will only happen once or will happen again with filechanges). Once the job comes into the system via one of those two paths, the process then becomes the same. Jobs are produced and delivered in a time and place dictated by the client. Jobs are uploaded and archived (or not if the user has privacy concerns) for easy re-order later. Meanwhile, administrators can use their dashboard to track work in progress or generate activity reports.

Ron Cohen is the individual point of contact for this agreement. Anyone who knows Ron will attest to his incredibly high energy level and near manic desire to respond to people quickly. He truly cares about his clients, and I would suggest that it would be difficult to find a more capable person to handle the requirements of this contract. In line with the Pequod desire to allow its clients to interact with it the way that the client would like, we encourage all phone, e-mail, IM, twitter, and (of course) in person contacts. Our goal is always for instant response. When we fall short of this goal, we try to count how long we fall short by in seconds. When that fails, we resort to minutes. Never hours. Hours are so 20th century!